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Therapeutic Riding

According to the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH), Therapeutic Riding is, 

an equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social

well-being of individuals with special needs.

Therapeutic Riding provides benefits in the areas of health, education, sport and recreation and leisure. Throughout the world, there are thousands of individuals with special needs who experience the rewarding benefits of horseback riding. A disability does not have to limit a person from riding a horse. In fact, experiencing the motion of a horse can be very therapeutic. Because horseback riding rhythmically moves the rider’s body in a manner similar to a human gait, riders with physical disabilities often show improvement in flexibility, balance and muscle strength. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, horseback riding also provides recreational opportunities for individuals to enjoy the outdoors.


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Each Therapeutic Riding lesson is individually tailored by Ed Ulrich our PATH Certified Riding Instructor. We offer group and individual lessons to children and adults with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, which may include:

· Cerebral Palsy

· Attention Deficit Disorders

· Learning Disabilities

· Traumatic Brain Injuries

· Autism Spectrum Disorders

· Emotional Disorders

· Muscular Dystrophy

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Alzheimer’s

· Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

· Down Syndrome

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