Your Gift Makes All the Difference

Donations to the Ark Equestrian Center will provide the funding necessary to ensure that each of our therapy horses has everything they need to stay healthy and happy. The work they do is essential for the health and well-being of our riders, and we cannot over state their importance. Our success as an organization is due in large part to the quality and commitment of our employees and the role that these horses fulfill is no less significant.


 Ark Equestrian Center Donors 2020


Josh and Katie Carroll

Janet Cunningham

Don and Sharon Davis

Gary and Ami Egge*

Kenyon Griffin

Richard and Mary Guenzel

Mark and Shannan Hayman

Lydia and Connie Kercher

Anne Mears

Susan Zappa Palmer

Tim and Shirley Pratt*

Ed and Cindy Pourkaldani

Tom and Phyllis Ranz


Arena Donations Made In Memory of:

Bud Zappa

Jeanie Scott



Ark Equestrian Center Donors 2019


​Gary and Ami Egge*

Jerry Freed

Kenyon Griffin

Richard and Mary Guenzel

Sonya Moore

Anton and Winona Munari

Tim and Shirley Pratt*

Tom and Phyllis Ranz

Margery Richardson