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Your Gift Makes All the Difference

Donations to the Ark Equestrian Center will provide the funding necessary to ensure that each of our therapy horses has everything they need to stay healthy and happy. The work they do is essential for the health and well-being of our riders, and we cannot over state their importance. Our success as an organization is due in large part to the quality and commitment of our employees and the role that these horses fulfill is no less significant.


 Ark Equestrian Center Donors 2022

Dave & Deb Baker

Kathleen Bertoncelj

Chris & Kathryn Boswell

Joshua & Katie Carroll

Damon Lodge No. 3 Knights of Pythias

Don & Sharon Davis

Nadene Desserich

Gary & Ami Egge

Nancy Fillion

Fremont Electric

Gary’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Kenyon Griffin

Richard Guenzel

Marilyn Hall

Mark & Hannan Hayman

Dale & Lynn Hiatt

Scott Hocker

Jenkins Ranch

Linda Johnson

Harriett Kepler

Laramie Chamber Business Alliance

Laramie Lawnery, Inc.

Laramie Spinal Care Center

Marty & Deborah Martinez

Keith & Joyce Miller

Brett & Judy Moline

*Tim & Shirley Pratt

Tom & Phyllis Ranz

Karen Robillard

Mel & Joan Schreiner

Judy Simon

Sodergreen Horsemanship School

Jerry & Geraldine Soukup

Tim & Karen Sullivan

Jeff & Jo Tucker

Elaine Wagner

Kenton & Jackie Walker

Dave & Rhonda Whitman

Steven & Barbara Zinkhan


Ark Equestrian Center Donors 2021


Kathleen Bertoncelj

Chris and Kathryn Boswell

Joshua Carroll

Janet Cunningham

Don and Sharon Davis

Bob Sell and Kayc DeMaranville *

Ami and Gary Egge *

Nancy Fillion

Jerry Freed

Heather From

Fred Tindell and Jenelle Gaddis

Kerry and Jane Greaser

Roy and Sally Gregory

Kenyon Griffin

Mark and Shannan Hayman

Dale and Lynn Hiatt

Scott Hocker

Linda Johnson

Jami Kroeger *

Laramie Chamber Business Alliance

Laramie Lawnery, Inc.

Laramie Spinal Care Center

Law Offices of Frank Bellinghiere

Let ‘R Buck Lawn and Landscaping

Shirley Lilley

Bunny Mason

Esther McGann

Troy and Mandy McMichael *

Noel Marquez

Keith and Joyce Miller

Mary Fick Monteith

Cathy Murphy *

Angela and Harley Mosley *

No. 390 Loyal Order of Moose Laramie Lodge

Tim and Shirley Pratt *

Jenkins Ranch

Tom and Phyllis Ranz

Riverstone Bank

Karen Robillard

Shawn Sanders

Tracy Santistevan

Mel and Joan Schreiner

John and Cris Shafer

Carol Shalom

Snowy Range Vision Center

Sodergreen Horsemanship School

Jim and Patty Sullivan

Joyce Templin

Elaine Wagner

Kenton and Jackie Walker

G.F. and Amy Williamson

Wyoming Draft & Driving Association

* Employee of Ark Regional Services

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