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Monthly contributions can be canceled anytime.

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The Ark Equestrian Center Giving Program will provide the funding necessary to ensure that each of our therapy horses has everything they need to stay healthy and happy. The work they do is essential for the health and well-being of our riders, and we cannot over state their importance. Our success as an organization is due in large part to the quality and commitment of our employees and the role that these horses fulfill is no less significant.

Donation Levels

White Ribbon - $10 per month

Yellow Ribbon - $25 per month

Red Ribbon - $50 per month

Blue Ribbon - $75 per month

Reserve Champion - $100 per month

Champion - $200 per month



Ark Equestrian Center Donors 2017

Thank you to the Union Pacific Foundation for supporting Ark's Equestrian Center.

Egge, Gary and Ami *
Griffin, Ken and Leah
Han, Chung-Souk, Su Kyung Lee, & Brandon
Pratt, Tim * and Shirley
Ranz, Tom and Phyllis
Gem City Veterinary Services

* Employee of Ark Regional Services

Ark Equestrian Center Donors 2016

In Honor of Chris and Bernie Machen
Albany County Cattlewomen
Alpine Animal Hospital
ANB Bank
Becken, Robert and Jerrica
Bertoncelj, Kathleen
Blake, Chad & Michelle
Bock, Norm and Dottie
Boswell, Chris & Kathryn
Butcher Block
Collins, Larry and Nancy
Cory, Fran
Downey, Keith and Mary Jo
Dunmire, Les and Shelly
Eagle Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Egge, Gary & Ami *
Egge, Sara
EOG Resources, Inc.
Fillion, Nancy
Fondren, Victor and Carol
Fraternal Order of the Eagles
Gem City Veterinary Services
Griffin, Ken and Leah
Griffin, Leah
Gulino, Joseph
Hagist, Pete and Evie
Hall, Faith and Marilyn
Han, Chung-Souk Han, Su Kyung Lee & Brandon
Harvey, Shelly and Rhonda Roper
Hayman, Mark and Shannan
Hocker, Scott
Hulit, Gary and Wanda
Jaren, Randy and Millette
Johnson, Linda
Kepler, Frosty and Harriett
Laramie Telephone Exchange
Luderman, Dave
Magee, Charlie
Marshall, Brandon
Martin, Oleta
Martinez, Marty and Deborah
Mason, Bunny
Mazurie, Chris and Erica
Miller, Keith and Joyce
Moore, Sonya
Petersen Family
Peterson, Lars and Jennifer
Pratt, Tim * and Shirley
Ranz, Tom & Phyllis
Sare, Gene and Jayne
Sheaffer, Marie
Simon, Judy
Skagen, Rick and Becky
Steele, Jordan and Jori
Sullivan, Jim and Patty
Walker, Jackie
Williamson, Greg and Bethany
Gem City Veterinary Services

*  Employee of Ark Regional Services