Making strides and inspiring ride at a time.


The vision of Ark Regional Services is that all people have the opportunity to experience the world in which we all live.

In order to support this vision, Ark Regional Services will facilitate opportunities for people:

* toLIVEenriched, full, and individualized lives;

* toLEARNwhat is necessary and meaningful to realize personal success;

* toWORKtoward individual accomplishment, employment satisfaction, and community contribution;

* and toPLAY

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The Equestrian Center at Ark Regional Services houses a number of innovative supports that deliver enormous benefits to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Services available at the Equestrian Center include hippotherapy, recreational riding, and husbandry classes.

In order to provide these supports, Ark employs qualified horse professionals who train and care for up to 12 horses, and maintains both indoor and outdoor arenas. There are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain the Equestrian Center facility and care for the horses. These are difficult jobs that require a tremendous commitment and a lot of hard work. People with intellectual disabilities work alongside horse professionals in order to complete these tasks. Individuals learn valuable skills,and build self-esteem while performing the essential functions required to run the Equestrian Center.